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PUBG MOBILE LITE APK is a free battle royale game for low-end Android devices. Discover its features, gameplay, and tips in this informative article.
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Introduction: PUBG MOBILE LITE 0.24.0

If you are looking for an exciting mobile game that runs smoothly on low-end devices, then PUBG Mobile Lite 0.24.0 is for you. PUBG MOBILE LITE APK has been a sensation in the mobile gaming industry since its release in 2018. some users with low-end devices were not able to enjoy the game due to its high system requirements.

Furthermore, To cater to this issue, PUBG Corporation launched PUBG Mobile Lite in 2019, which is a lighter version of the game that is designed to run smoothly on low-end Android devices with less than 2GB of RAM. In addition, The game has a smaller map and the number of players per match is reduced to 60, making it less resource-intensive.

Despite these changes, the game still offers the same thrilling battle royale experience as the original PUBG Mobile. Recently, PUBG Mobile Lite has been updated to version 0.24.0, which comes with some exciting new features such as enhanced graphics and gameplay, new weapons and vehicles, and an improved combat system.

In this article, we will discuss these features in detail and provide some tips and tricks to help you play PUBG Mobile Lite 0.24.0 like a pro.




The game is similar to the original PUBG Mobile, but with some changes for low-end devices. The game is a battle royale mode where players are dropped onto an island and must survive. The map is smaller than the original game, and only 60 players can join each match, which reduces hardware requirements and ensures a smooth game.

Additionally, The game also features a variety of weapons and vehicles that players can use to gain an advantage over their opponents. Players can team up with friends or play solo, and the last person or team standing wins the match. The gameplay is intense and requires strategic planning, quick reflexes, and excellent shooting skills.

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.24.0 has received some improvements to its combat system, making it more realistic and exciting. Players can now lean while aiming, throw throwable items while moving, and use more realistic weapon recoil patterns. However, These changes make the game even more immersive and enjoyable.

Overall, PUBG Mobile Lite 0.24.0 offers an exciting and challenging gameplay experience that all mobile gamers should try.



PUBG MOBILE LITE APK is a slimmed-down version of the popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile. It is developed specifically for low-end Android smartphones with limited processing power and storage space. The game features a smaller map and 60 players per match, as opposed to 100 players in the original game.

The graphics have also been optimized to run smoothly on low-end devices. Despite the downsized map and player count, PUBG Mobile Lite still offers the same gameplay experience as the original game, including the ability to play solo, duo, or in a squad.

With its optimized graphics, fast-paced gameplay, and reduced storage requirements, PUBG Mobile Lite is a great option for players looking to experience PUBG on their low-end smartphones.

Why you should play PUBG MOBILE LITE?

There are several reasons why you should play PUBG MOBILE LITE APK. Firstly, it is a free-to-play game that can be downloaded and played on most low-end Android smartphones, which means you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a high-end device to enjoy the game.

Secondly, PUBG Mobile Lite offers a unique gameplay experience that is fast-paced and intense. The smaller map and reduced player count mean that matches are shorter and more action-packed, making it an exciting and thrilling experience.

Thirdly, the game has been optimized to run smoothly on low-end devices, ensuring that players with entry-level smartphones can still enjoy the immersive gameplay and intense battles of the original game.

Finally, PUBG Mobile Lite offers the same core gameplay mechanics and features as the original game, including a wide variety of weapons and vehicles, the ability to play solo, duo, or in a squad, and intense battles to be the last player or team standing.

Features of PUBG Mobile Lite 0.24.0

Enhanced Graphics

PUBG MOBILE LITE APK 0.24.0 comes with enhanced graphics that provide a more immersive gaming experience. The graphics have been adjusted for low-end devices to ensure a smooth game. The game has improved lighting and realistic effects that make it more exciting.

New Weapons and Vehicles

Several new weapons and vehicles are added to the game in the new update. The Desert Eagle pistol, which is a powerful sidearm, and the MK12 rifle, which has high damage and accuracy, are now available to players. The monster truck, which can drive over obstacles and crush enemies in its path, is included in the update.

Improved Combat System

The combat system has been updated to make it more realistic. Players can use realistic weapon recoil patterns and throw throwable items while moving. The game is even more enjoyable as players must use more strategic planning and quick reflexes to succeed in combat.

New Events and Rewards

There are more opportunities to earn in-game items and currency in the new events and rewards in the game. Players are required to use their skills and knowledge of the game to succeed in the event. New skins, costumes, and other items that players can use to make their characters stand out in the game are some of the rewards.

Better User Interface

The user interface of PUBG Mobile Lite 0.24.0 has been improved to make it more user-friendly and intuitive. The menu system has been streamlined, making it easier for players to navigate and find what they need. The new update also introduces a quick chat feature, which allows players to communicate with each other more efficiently during matches.

Overall, these new features make PUBG Mobile Lite 0.24.0 a more exciting and enjoyable game. With enhanced graphics, new weapons, and vehicles, an improved combat system, new events and rewards, and a better user interface, the game offers an excellent gaming experience for low-end devices.

Additional Information

Version 0.24.0
Size675.3 MB
Last UpdatedDec 13, 2022
DeveloperLevel Infinite
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How To Download PUBG MOBILE LITE APK Latest Version For Android and iOS?

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) MOBILE LITE is a free app. This app is not available on Google Play Store but we provide you a direct link to download it from our website.

You’re done. If you’re using Chrome or Firefox, make sure you download the app from a trusted source.

To get it, use the download instructions below.


  • Find the direct download link given above
  • Tap on it. This will redirect you to the download page
  • Wait for a few seconds. You will see it downloading on the top bar of your device.
  • Once the download is complete, find the downloaded fill.
  • Install it for use.

If the app requires certain permissions, you’ll need to address those permissions first before you can successfully install the app.

You may have to follow the instructions to get the most accurate results.

What is the Installation Method of the APP?

If you have an Android device go to the link below to download the free app and install it on your device.

Go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources > Check the box next to the APK file and click the OK button.

Still, If you have a problem please follow the below steps


  • Install the apk file (PUBG MOBILE LITE APK ) by tapping on its file name and tapping on install.
  • Tap on OK after installation is complete.
  • Tap on Install to complete the installation.
  • Open the installed application.
  • Tap on the Sign In button to enter your credentials.
  • Enter your username and password to proceed.
  • Tap on Continue to access all features.

How to uninstall Apk?

Uninstall the app by going to Settings > Apps > Application manager > Select the app that you want to remove > Remove.

Tips and Tricks to Play PUBG Mobile Lite 0.24.0

Here are some tips and tricks to help you play PUBG Mobile Lite 0.24.0 like a pro

Choose your landing spot wisely

Your landing spot is crucial in determining your chances of survival. Try to land in a less populated area where you can find loot and weapons without encountering too many enemies.

Loot quickly and efficiently

Loot as quickly as possible to get your hands on the best weapons and gear. Prioritize finding a good weapon, armor, and health items.

Stay in the safe zone

The game will periodically shrink the play area, and you need to stay within the safe zone to avoid taking damage. Keep an eye on the map and move towards the safe zone when needed.

Use cover to your advantage

Use trees, buildings, and other obstacles for cover to avoid getting spotted by enemies.

Be aware of your surroundings

Keep an eye out for other players and listen for sounds to detect their presence. Use the in-game audio cues to your advantage.

Practice shooting

Practice your aim and shooting skills in the training mode or arcade mode before jumping into a real game.

Play with headphones

Playing with headphones will help you hear footsteps and other important sounds more clearly.

By following these tips and tricks, you can improve your gameplay and increase your chances of winning in PUBG Mobile Lite 0.24.0.

Comparison between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite

UBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are two versions of the popular battle royale game developed by PUBG Corporation. Here are some key differences between the two versions:

Size: PUBG Mobile is a larger game and requires more storage space than PUBG Mobile Lite. PUBG Mobile can take up to 2GB of storage space, while PUBG Mobile Lite only takes up around 600MB.

Graphics: PUBG Mobile has more detailed graphics and visual effects than PUBG Mobile Lite. The Lite version has simpler graphics to make it compatible with low-end devices.

Map: PUBG Mobile has multiple maps to play on, while PUBG Mobile Lite only has one map, Varenga.

Player count: PUBG Mobile supports up to 100 players in a single game, while PUBG Mobile Lite supports up to 60 players.

Gameplay: PUBG Mobile has more advanced gameplay features such as bullet drop and bullet travel time, while PUBG Mobile Lite has simplified gameplay mechanics to make it easier for players to pick up and play.

Device compatibility: PUBG Mobile is designed for high-end devices, while PUBG Mobile Lite is designed to run on low-end devices with less RAM and storage.

Updates: PUBG Mobile receives regular updates and new content, while PUBG Mobile Lite receives fewer updates and new content.

Overall, PUBG Mobile is a more complex and demanding game with more features, while PUBG Mobile Lite is a simplified version designed for low-end devices with fewer features but smoother performance. It ultimately depends on the player’s device and preferences to choose between the two versions.


PUBG MOBILE LITE APKe 0.24.0 is an excellent option for players who are looking for a fast-paced, action-packed battle royale game that can run smoothly on low-end devices. The game’s optimized graphics, simplified gameplay mechanics, and smaller download size make it accessible to a wider audience.

For those who are new to PUBG MOBILE LITE APK, it is essential to follow the tips and tricks mentioned above to improve their gameplay and increase their chances of winning. Additionally, players can also join online communities and forums to connect with other players, learn new strategies, and stay updated with the latest news and updates.

Overall, PUBG Mobile Lite is an enjoyable and exciting game that provides a great gaming experience, even on low-end devices. If you are looking for a fast-paced battle royale game that you can play on the go, PUBG MOBILE LITE APK 0.24.0 is definitely worth checking out.

We recommend this game to anyone looking for an exciting battle royale game that runs smoothly on low-end devices. With its impressive graphics, engaging gameplay, and simplified mechanics, PUBG MOBILE LITE APK 0.24.0 is an excellent choice for casual and hardcore gamers alike. So what are you waiting for? Download PUBG Mobile Lite 0.24.0 today and experience the thrill of the battlefield!


Is PUBG MOBILE LITE APK a free-to-play game?

Yes, PUBG MOBILE LITE APK is a free-to-play game that can be downloaded and played on most Android devices.

What is the difference between PUBG Mobile and PUBG MOBILE LITE APK?

PUBG Mobile Lite is a slimmed-down version of PUBG Mobile designed to run smoothly on low-end devices. It features a smaller map and 60 players per match, as opposed to 100 players in the original game.

Can I play PUBG MOBILE LITE APK with my friends?

Yes, you can play PUBG MOBILE LITE APK with your friends in a squad or duo.

What are the system requirements for PUBG MOBILE LITE APK?

PUBG MOBILE LITE APK is designed to run on low-end Android devices. The recommended system requirements are Android 4.1 or higher, at least 2GB of RAM, and 2GB of free storage space.

Does PUBG MOBILE LITE APK  have the same weapons and vehicles as PUBG Mobile?

Yes, PUBG MOBILE LITE APK features the same weapons and vehicles as PUBG Mobile, allowing players to experience the same intense battles and tactical gameplay.

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